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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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Heart your Smile stories

Read inspirational stories about how some of
our supporters have used Heart your Smile to great
effect in their day to day work.

I love building relationships with patients and finding out about them as a unique person – it makes the day more fun!

Katie Tatham

My patient had lost confidence in dentists after previous bad experiences when she was younger.

She was ashamed, so lowered her mouth every time she spoke and smiled. I managed to gain her trust and build her confidence after treating her, so she no longer has to cover up her smile.

Jessica Myint

A patient, 16 years old, with totally rotten teeth came in with no confidence.

She just wanted to be able to smile again. I motivated here and increased her confidence. I did a restoration job building up all her front teeth in composite, which also encouraged her 22 year old sister to start attending the practice.

Saffia Mubeen

A smile costs nothing!
And in dentistry, it’s so important!

When an anxious patient comes in and you can see they are nervous and worried, a smile from you can make such a difference! Patients who come in concerned about their teeth and appearance, improving their smile does so much for their confidence too!

Irene Acquaye

I have helped my 19 year old patient stop smoking, start exercising and caring about what he eats.

After being unemployed for 18 months he has now got a job he loves and attributes this to my attitude and sorting his teeth out.

Oliver Sumner

I try and welcome all my patients with a friendly smile and taking all treatment/exams at their own pace.

I like to explain the procedures to everyone and let them know it is their choice. I feel I can make a difference!

Jemma Fulzan

I love the fact that my patients trust
me, and believe in me.

It gives me the confidence to feel like I can make a difference.

Imrana Ishaque

My patient was a smoker of over 40 years.

I gave him smoking cessation advice and at his next appointment he said "I've got some good news for you". He'd stopped smoking!

Sara Saed

When I was on work experience in Warrington Hospital, there was a very anxious patient who was terrified of having her wisdom tooth out.

I recognised this, spoke to her calmly, SMILED, and held her hand. She calmed down and was so appreciative! Her treatment went well. Smiling is a powerful tool!

Alicia Williams

I mentored a patient of mine who was a dental phobic.

She was a 17 year old. After the care she received, she decided that she would like to become a dentist. She is now applying for university to study dentistry.

Hamza Anwar

I try to be confident and ensure that the patient feels safe and secure at all times. They should believe in our confidence to treat, as well as our words.

Milon Chande

Helping very nervous patients overcome their fears using a positive attitude and humour, so they actually look forward to coming to the dentist.

Reena Wadia

Coming to the dentist is never fun,
even as a dentist.

So making patients feel welcomed by treating them as you would your friends is the best way, I find, to make the experience of visiting the dentist as fun as possible!

Raman Jhaj