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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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A week in the life of Shivana Anand

Student Liaison for Heart Your Smile.


Day 1:

Hello Heart your Smilers! My name is Shivana and I am a keen Heart your Smilers and the new Student liaison for HYS in the sponsorship sector! This is a day in the week of.. And I hope to concentrate mainly on the habit of CONNECT. I think within Dentistry it is very important to connect within education, within the community and within yourself and all that you do.

My day started bright and early – well less early than usual as Guys is undergoing is big cladding project so our hospital times have changed from 10am – 330pm. I had a busy day on conservative dentistry floor 25! I had no patient in the morning and spent my time in the lab making up four study models for my patient with four different treatment options for him. I think this has been the first case that I have realised a different type of patient – the one that does not care for aesthetics, for bright smiles and whitening but for stabilising his dentition and prevention of anything o ccurring in the future.

After Cons my partner had a patient in the afternoon which was endodontically involved. After about an hour of accessing and trying to locate the canal he was unable to find it! The tutor was also unable to find it and the endodontist was unable too! Crazy.. we had to tell the patient that his canal had disappeared haha and referred him onto a postgraduate for further investigation. Again dentistry can offer major surprises. My partner – Alaa Guni – controlled himself very well though and his patient was so happy. They have a great connection and I think Alaa is very calm in his approach.

Once I had finished at Guys I made my way onto the platform of London Bridge – wifi!!! – and made my way home to North West London. I would of come home in rush hour normally however due to the shortened hours I got myself a seat and actively played Blitz on my iPad. I had such a yummy salmon meal made by my dad and am now watching the news seeing the Olympic teams arriving today in Heathrow this morning, seeing the police and stratford seeing how everything will “affect us”.

Now I am in bed, listening to what I can only describe as the most addictive song on repeat!! I’ll post the youtube video of it above this post, have a listen at your own risk of becoming addicted! Hope everyone has had a fab Monday and try your best to connect all week with every one you meet and every thing you do.

Much love, Shivana - @ShivanaAnandBDS – keep in touch!


Day 2:

Day two! My post is going to be super short today yet super super sweeet. I had to wake early this morning for a doctors appointment which I had been waiting for ages! Had a load of tests and Xrays and what not took all day, in the meanwhile I missed my removable Prostho day which was a bit of a bummer. I had a rest during the day and now am waiting to drop my sister to the airport as she is going to Thailand!! Whereas I am stuck in "sunny" england still at University for the next two weeks. I had a lot of memories from my gapyear travelling around the world and I hope my sister also has an amazing time, FULLMOON.com. I have to dash now but will post a picture later this eve of her departure.. ♥ ♥ Oh and make sure you all SMILE - it's contagious and have fun, travel, learn!

P.S. SMILE for all the good your friends and family do. This weekend Komal Bhabra & Simrun Chowdhary & myself are going to give free screenings in a temple. Show your support for this wonderful cause!