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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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A week in the life of Seema Sharma

Practice management consultant and philanthropist.

Day 1:

Well what a start to the week - 3 meetings and a lovely dinner. As always I spent Monday planning my week - makes me feel good even though my weeks never actually go to plan for some reason. Usual morning ritual of teas, breakfasts and just about getting the kids to their school coach, then 2 hours of emails and calls.

At 12 I had a talk to give in connection with my charity work in India, at Alleyns School in Dulwich. Met with year 11 children, who are studying Mumbai - similarities and differences to our lives here. After a lively discussion about scale, international development, GDP per capita ( these kids are clever!) and why those with less try harder, I drove up to Canary Wharf for a meeting with HR laywyer friend Sarah, who is going to write bespoke HR contracts for my management company Dentabyte.

Got home to a beautiful delivery of flowers, collected the girls and off we went to meet Sanjay for a celebration dinner at the OXO Tower - 18 years, my hubby has put up with me for! More tomorrow...

Day 2:

So much has happened. Our lovely IFA Mark Dodd came home for breakfast and signatures. Something about the certainties of life like tax and the uncertainties of life like pensions. At 11 I went to the practice for a review with my manager. Information Governance toolkit reviews to check if we have minimized all physical, electronic and big mouth breach risks. Good going, looks like we take confidentiality seriously,

Day 3:

Tea and giggles with my girls and their gran about the fantastic cutting lines from "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", which we watched on Sunday together. A must watch if you haven't already seen it. This evening off I went to Chislehurst Golf Club as an after dinner speaker for a BDA regional event organised by current president, Marcia Tearle. 69 attendees, met some great team members and showed them how teamwork can transform business. Home sweet home; long day ahead tomorrow. Night!

Day 4:

Relaxing day today in the end . Jo Russell and I spent the morning doing an information governance audit and compliance project with a client, followed by a long lunch - Jo's first time in Nandos!

Joined by ever enthusiastic Alex Teckkham for a records audit in the afternoon, came home via Phase 8 in Blackheath Village for a quick spring wardrobe update- managed to get in just as my girls got home, and got roped into taking them shopping for must have trackies from JD sports. Highlight of the evening- ordered my iPad 3 at Comet for collection on Friday. Mother's day is so well timed this year!

Home again for glass of wine and Skype conference with Brendon Macdonald about our exciting VAKmentor project, then a relaxing evening in with Sanjay and the girls.

Bin night tonight, no sweat, Sanj does everything that starts with a B, I do the rest.

Day 5:

Working backwards from my long glass of wine with Sanjay just now, spent the evening with a group of dentists and orthodontists who wanted a demo of the Dentabyte Compliance Cloud to transform operational management in their practices.

That was preceded by a morning of charity project planning for The Sharma Foundation - month 6 of building a schools resource for kids here to learn about the busy streets of Mumbai and the lives of street kids.

Highlight snippets of the day:

  1. reviewing pictures from my talk on empowering women for International Womens Day last week at Angela Mortimer recruitment firm last week,
  2. hearing about Sanjay's upcoming talk in Chicago
  3. planning my talk for the BDSA2012 conference for students in Bristol tomorrow
  4. finding out that Ian Wilson is also speaking tomorrow - can't wait to catch up about Bridge2Aid
  5. discussing where the girls want to go for the April school break - Barbados, land of Rihanna. And why not! Anyone know of a good hotel?