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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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A week in the life of Sarah Congreve

3rd Year Dental Student and Student Communications Officer
at Heart Your Smile.


Day 1:

Good Evening Smilers!!! I'm Sarah Congreve, and as of today I'm proud to announce I'm a 3rd Year dental student on the 4 Year Graduate Entry Programme at Peninsula Dental School. We are twinned with Plymouth and Exeter University. I'm also the student communications officer Heart Your Smile, along with Louise Brownlow. Today has been a turbulent day, starting with an exam in crown and bridge preparations. Standard shaking hands with a drill and 2 hours later I passed it...a quick coffee and it was back to find out our annual results. I passed 2nd year, after what has been an emotional year for both academic and personal reasons I am immensely pleased to say I've got through the year!! buzzing from this news, my group and I had to practice for a symposium presentation we have relating to our community work. All will be revealed on my Wednesday post!!!

I've just got through the door and stuck the kettle on...quick bite to eat then i'm off for a catch up with my friends as I've been home (Sheffield) all weekend. I thought I would upload some fun photos from the weekend today as its been a dull Monday all things considered. So, for now, happy Monday guys - fabulous work on Heart Your Smile getting charitable status. It really does show how it is evolving into something wonderful!

Each day I'll say which habit I've practiced, today has definitely been number 2: SMILE, as I'm over the moon to be halfway through training!!! Until tomorrow, have a great evening and don't laugh too much at my photos.... Sarah ♥


Day 2:

Today's Habit: 1. Be Confident

Hello, apologies for the late post today has been a busy one and the habit of Be Confident could not ring more truth than in the next 24 hours.

Today began with an early start getting the train back from Cornwall to Devon as I visited a friend yesterday evening for their birthday. If any of your were considering watching "The Woman in Black" quite frankly, don't. I 100% screamed my way through, to an uneventful ending... anyway film rant aside, a train journey and chai latte later and I was in clinic.

My nurse was less than impressed when I made her set up for a paediatric deciduous extraction followed by a denture fit, to find that today was actually an endo day. wooops!! The morning ended well, and I met a lovely patient in the afternoon who loved his old denture so much we've called it his "party denture", or "parddddy denture" for all you Made in Chelsea Fans...he couldn't bear to part with it so today I had to be confident in the fact I knew that I could produce him a more functional one and give him the confidence in to trade in the party on for a day one too!

Confidence was also required after clinic today also, as tomorrow my tutor group and I present our community engagement project to our peers and tutors. A nerve wracking final rehearsal with our supervisor and i'm still adding the finishing touches as I'm writing this, but hopefully if we all show our confidence and faith in what we achieved then the enjoyment that we had in participating in this project will shine on through!!

That's me this evening, tomorrow i'll report back on if I managed to practice habit number 1 and uploads some photos of me going a lovely shade of crimson!

Have a fantastic evening smilers,

Sarah ♥


Day 3:

Today's Habit: Care.

Good evening!!!

I must apologise for my late entries but I'm having a wonderfully busy week! Today has been such a great day, it started with the successful delivery of my community engagement group project presentation entitled "influencing lifestyle decisions made by adolescent children through intervention strategies that highlight associated risk factors relating to oral cancer". This has been a 7 month project that my group and I have a compulsory requirement to complete as part of a module at PDS. It didn't feel like it was compulsory as we all thoroughly enjoyed it and it was so very rewarding to see it through to the end and finally get to present to our peers and academic staff members. I've learnt some great lessons from this project and caring about the immediate community surrounding our dental clinic has really highlighted to me a personal interest in public health. I hope to present our work in a qualitative format at a community dentistry conference - so watch this space!!!

That was all done before 1pm, I then found myself driving back to Cornwall again to the Duchy Hospital. My friend was a day patient there (yes thats right, the same one whose birthday we had fun celebrating) having investigative surgery on his poorly hip, so I donned my caring nurses hat and shot up to chaperone him, making friends with the ward nurse who after a bit of persuasion brought a brew... No biscuits though!!! I also had the horrible task to drive him and his lovely new car with him being a typical man (whining about my driving, not the pain he was in) back home again. I've even made food for tomorrow as he's got a bit of a limp and might not manage the oven... Ahem.

Right now, another trashy film awaits, I'll be sure to do as detailed review of this as the last one ;-). Clinic tomorrow again, and then I’ve got one week left of University as a 2nd year!! SO exciting!!... I'll leave you with a photo of me and the symposium today.

Sarah ♥


Day 4:

Today's habit is no.8: Respect.

Well guys, we are over hump day, which can only mean one thing - the weekend is coming!! Which means my lovely friends from home are coming down tomorrow Kelly Nota, Kirsty Smith,Sarah Wilson and Laura Scholey are friends I've known for years and I'm really looking forward to showing them the rock and roll life of the South West, which translates to me filling them with cider, pasties and cream teas all weekend...oh and did I mention we are going to the Eden Project to see Example!?!... good times!!

Today i've been in our Devonport clinic and I chose Respect as my habit for today as I just wanted to say what a lovely week we've all had, some of my nearest and dearest dental friends have all passed exams and we can see the end of term approaching... as a consequence we've been having a great time on clinic with everyone in high spirits. I've got a lot of respect for everybody that is on my course, despite the different backgrounds (degrees, work, families etc) and we all get stuck in together and help each other out. So i'm dedicating today's blog to all my lovely course mates... (as she wipes a tear from her face at the thought a summer without them all!... LIES).

I'm also dedicating today's post to Nora Ephron, mainly because everybody else seems to be doing this today... and also because I'm ashamed to say I didn't know who she was until I heard of her sadly passing away. A quick google later and I realised I did know who she was or should I say what marvels she has created, and so for this reason I felt respect tied in quite well with all her achievements.

Speaking of films, I've not done my trashy film review..my friend was in a horrendous amount of post op pain last night, and despite some heavy analgesics we had to suspend watching the film...I've also forgotten what the title of it was. So utterly useless film rant, but it did have a good start!

Because i've dedicated today's post to my colleagues at Peninsula, I made them all pose in clinic for some photos so I hope you enjoy looking at us being the ever professional dental students...

That is it for today, I thought I would leave you with this Nora Ephron Quote because I think it's quite frankly, brilliant.

Nora Ephron on Living Life:"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim."

Have a great evening, hope you enjoy the photos!

Sarah ♥


Day 5:

Today's Habit: Connect

Yesterday I managed a whole day off from University! So I went all out and went to Truro, where I will be living in Cornwall for 6 months next year... had a blast. I ate fish and chips and shopped and had a sneeky drink too... It was brilliant!! on the way back we picked up some lobsters (that's why the photo was uploaded last night as those guys sat on my knee in the car home... luckily the claws were clipped and my friend reported back his wife loved them as they were her birthday treat - champagne too...that's how the Cornish roll!!!)

In the evening my friend and I went over to Port Isaac where we saw the Fisherman's Friends and then I whipped back to Plymouth to meet my girlfriends from home who have driven down. Connect is the habit for today as it’s been so great catching up with them and also all the wonderful patients I've met in clinic this year - its been such a treat!!

So, right now I'm sat with the girls at the Eden Project. We are sipping cider outside the Mediterranean Biome in the sunshine. Perfect. Good friends. Good times! In a few hours we will watch Example and dance the evening away!!

I'll upload a few photos from my day to leave you with.

Have a fantastic evening, Sarah ♥