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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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A week in the life of James Goolnik

Heart your Smile founder, dentist, and most
influential person in UK Dentistry 2011 and 2012.

Day 1:

6:47am Woke up to Radio - more negativity (why do I bother to listen to the news in the morning). Hop on the tube, make sure I'm not facing someone with a cold (watched contagion last night). Arrive at Bow Lane heating not working, after a bit of fiddling, realise the water pressure has dropped, topped it up and all working. Reminder to self to add plumbing to my cv. Then ready for the morning huddle - everyone had great weekends and ready for a boisterous week.

First patient was having final impressions for implant crowns. She reminds us how, six month previously, she was terrified of the dentist and now it's routine. Three more patients, then final tweaks to my webinar I am giving on Thursday before it gets couriered to Smile On.

Back on the tube for a Bikram yoga class with Sanjay, my favourite instructor. Home for steak, green beans and jacket potato. Trying to get today's inbox down to 100, then 30 minutes read of Steve jobs biography before sleep beckoned.

Day 2:

Not enough hours in the day! The school run, battled with the double parked 4x4's. Chatted with Seema Sharma, excited about delivering a double act for Dentistry Live titled "Passionate about Dentistry?".

The sun came out, so got to take the roof down on the drive to Maida Vale for a tennis lesson with Justyn. On the way home I could feel my muscles start to ache (I'm going to be sore tomorrow). Stopped off at the supermarket, found some Mangosteen-yum! Conference call about the Dentistry show next week.

Back for the school run, homework, cooked a wicked Thai green curry, bath and bed for the twins. Spoke to Olga about the charity yoga class on 10th March, more sponsors are interested in working with us. Lots of exciting opportunities are appearing.

Day 3:

Is this the end of the receptionist? We sent out our first batch of online recalls and three patients book their own appointments;).

Howard, the best dental engineer, came in to fix my light and an air leak on the compressor. My practice manager's husband had a consultation on how to improve his smile without drilling his teeth. I was lucky enough to have Richard, my technician, working on site- we came up with two treatment plans; I realise I love collaborative plans where the patient really gets involved.

Dinner was with my closest friend Thomas at a family run Italian in South Kensington. He had his bike stolen only to find it on eBay the next day-he showed the police but they were not interested. Home to final run through of tomorrows webinar.

Day 4:

I had to leave early for the webinar so decided to work through lunch. That was a mistake as was starving by 11am so ended up having two lunches. Met Greg, Rob & Greg at Smile On to run through the presentation. We had over 350 preregistrations. It felt a bit weird at first talking to a distant audience but received great feedback. It was recorded so anyone who missed out can watch it for free.

Dinner was with gorgeous Alison. Evening ended at a tiny jazz bar - with Joe Aspis and Soe Ipms.

Day 5:

Wisdom Day. Removed lots of fun wisdom teeth.

Did a training and performance review (we call them PPI’s) for Sarah, one of our hygienists - FIVE stars, she has planned some exciting projects for the next three months.

The team were in a great mood today, very jokey despite the fact that three of them are teaching on Saturday on our hands-on whitening course. The practice lounge has been transformed into a lecture room and scrumptious food awaits our guests tomorrow! - with Zaki Kanaan and 3 others.

The weekend:

Spent Saturday teaching 13 hygienists and therapists how to safely and effectively whiten their patients teeth. It was a great group, full of enthusiasm.

Went to the theatre in the evening to see Noel Coward's Hay fever about a dysfunctional family, written in 1924 and still as funny as ever. Finished off the night on the dance floor.

Glorious day on Sunday- walk in the park, then tennis. In the evening, finished off my presentation for the Dentistry show - "Is giving back right for you?" Looking forward to hearing from Simon Gambold this week.