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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
Heart your Smile - Dental charity
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A week in the life of Charles Pidgeon

President-elect of the KCL Dental Society
and third year dental student.

Day 1:

The weekend is over, and what a weekend it was! I spent it with over 500 dental students from all across the UK at the annual BDSA Conference, this year held in the beautiful city of Bristol. However, as Monday comes around, it is back to normality at Guy's!

This morning we were in the labs with Astra Tech having a very "hands on" course on Dental Implants! A four-session course, which gives a great insight on how to use implants to replace missing teeth!!

What do dental students do during lunch? Well this lunchtime saw the second of two trade fairs put on by the Dental Society. A big thank you to our treasurer Sharan who organized this and also to the rest of the committee who were out in force selling our Dental Society clothing!

The afternoon was met with the removable prosthodontic clinic on floor 21! The sun was shining and despite the glare imposed upon us by the Shard next door, it was a very enjoyable and rewarding session!

With the day finished I got back to my flat where I swapped bags and headed to the gym. A great way to finish the day!

Having done some final reading before a Human Disease tutorial tomorrow, I now need to start planning the Dental Society Elections that will determine next year's committee.

Day 2:

A three-hour Human Disease tutorial to start the day!! A very interesting session although three hours is a long time to be sat in one room!!

Tuesday is my rotation day, normally I would be on Oral surgery, but due to the tutorial I was finished by 12.00pm!

So, how should I spend my afternoon? Well I spent it in the Dental Society office, which has no windows! It was another beautiful day in SE1 and I was updating the Society’s Constitution ready for the main elections in May.

During the evening I attended a presentation given by two students from Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU). They were 4th year students giving us an insight into some of the research that they do. Interestingly, their degree takes 6 years and they begin clinical in year 5!

Day 3:

Wednesday is lecture day. So a sunny walk into Guy's to find out that our first lecture had been cancelled!!

With (nearly!) all the lectures done by 12.30pm and no hockey match to go to this week it was back down to the Dental Society office to check a few emails and begin organizing a revision lecture for year two.

After this was done, there was enough time for a quick gym session. Then back to the flat for dinner!

Not a hugely eventful day! Tomorrow is looking slightly busier, so stay tuned to find out more!!

Day 4:

Today started with the final implant session on our course given by Astra. A summary of the previous two week's work. A quiz was done at the end, and rumour has it that the winner receives a signed copy of "Implants in Clinical Dentistry"!!

In the afternoon we travelled over to the LonDEC centre at the waterloo campus. Here we took part in medical emergency training. A very amusing session as every scenario we did was filmed and recorded and played back to us to evaluate. A really great way to learn!

The evening was spent having a belated celebration of our flat mate's birthday!

Day 5:

The end of the week! Today was spent in the Cons clinic on floor 25 of The Tower!! Being 25 stories up, one of the highlights is that our bays have probably some of the best views of London!

Afterwards, a few of us headed to a local pub, a good way to unwind after a busy week.

The weekend:

Great weather in the capital this weekend! It was spent making the final changes to the constitution and just generally relaxing after a busy few weeks.

Saturday night saw a few of us head out to celebrate a friend's 21st.

It's the final week of term for us at Guy's this week and we are looking forward to the much-anticipated Macadam Cup that takes place on Wednesday. This is an afternoon of sport where the GKT teams take on those from KCL.