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Innovation 360 – Lucie Howard

Toni and Lucie Lucie contacted us in July 2014 with an idea for a community project. She was working as a dental nurse and oral health educator in Salford and had been invited to attend a local f...   Read more

Innovation 360 – Suzanne Ellis

Sophie2 Suzanne is a dental hygienist from Buckinghamshire. Suzanne read about our Innovation 360 grant in a dental magazine and also came to visit Heart Your Smile at a dental show. She s...   Read more

Innovation 360 – Holly Hadfield

Holly Hadfield Homeless Project 2 I would like to introduce you to Holly Hadfield who is a Dental Therapist from a busy NHS practice.  She graduated from Liverpool University in 2013 and now works for Ravat and Ra...   Read more

Innovation 360 – Kassie Campbell

Kassie Group Session I would like to introduce you to Kassie Campbell who is a practice manager from a busy NHS dental practice. Kassie was so pleased when she became the 10th person to secure an Innov...   Read more

Aspire to Engage your Community

20150219_084002 In 2014 Aspire Dental and Heart Your Smile met to discuss hosting a charity event with their group of energetic dental practices. On the 19th February, the Shirley Walk in Centre i...   Read more

We are the Champions

2015 Ambassador group Every year we have many volunteers help us achieve our charitable goals. They fundraise, promote oral health, make videos, offer trade show support and generally make everything ...   Read more

Spectacular Specs!

Avinent-Launches-First-Google-Glass-App-for-Dental-Surgery- Innovation is to “make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas or products.” Innovation has been part of the Heart Your Smile campaign fr...   Read more

Top-notch Toothpaste

Toothpaste with Fluoride What toothpaste would you recommend? It goes without saying that you need toothpaste that contains fluoride but where do you go from there? There are toothpastes for all sorts of p...   Read more

21 miles to go!

Shenley to Marble Arch 1 Christina Chatfield walk over 500 miles from Scotland to Brighton to raise awareness of mouth cancer and dental access. I was personally so inspired and impressed by Christina’s...   Read more

Let our children Love their Smile

MH900448643 A shocking statistic recently released shows that 500 British children are admitted to hospital every week, because of oral related health issues. Children have been seen by Dentis...   Read more